Text From Someone Wanting To Buy My House Tampa Fl

Text From Someone Wanting To Buy My House In Tampa Fl
text from someone wanting to buy my house

Did you recently receive a text from someone wanting to buy your house in Tampa Fl? How did they get your phone number? Why did they text me? These are all questions that are totally legitimate.

Text From Someone Wanting To Buy My House Tampa Fl

Why Did They Text You?

With the rise of the house flipping shows on HGTV and NUMEROUS other channels, house flipping has become famous. It seems it is so easy to go in and buy a house, fix it up and sell it for a profit.

Text From Someone Wanting To Buy My House Tampa Florida

Well as new investors are entering the market a ton of them have recently purchased “house flipping” seminars or they went to a class and they were taught flipping. Since the course or seminar probably cost upwards of $20,000+ or more these “investors” all the sudden have NO MONEY.

So this reason of them not having any money they immediately turn to the cheapest form of marketing in order to connect with sellers. Texting, cold calling, or leaving voicemails is without a doubt the cheapest form of marketing.

They can pull a list of property owners at the county courthouse for a few dollars and then find a skip tracing service in order to find the cell phone numbers of the people on that list. Very easy.

Why Did I Get A Text Wanting To Buy My House

Well we say can with 100% certainty that they are not targeting you specifically. They target areas not specific houses.

They are probably just blindly sending texts and whoever responds wanting a cash offer they can speak with. These investors aren’t necessarily “scammers”. But they may be “wannabes” and may not have any money.

Be sure to always work with a reputable house buying company in Tampa. You will be able to tell how legitimate someones offer is by the contract that they have you sign.

Make sure and check out the inspection period. Fly by night investors will put a closing time out for 30-45 days and they will have an inspection period of at least 21 days. Wasn’t this supposed to be a cash offer you say?

These investors are usually middlemen and they try to sell their contracts to real cash house buyers in Tampa Fl like us.

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